Corporate partners

Funding and other support from corporate partners is vital to helping us work towards our vision

“A steep rise in vulnerable children needing protection is pushing council children’s services in to crisis”

BBC News, 6 November 2018

At Just for Kids Law we work with and for children and young people to hold those with power to account and fight for wider reform - but we cannot keep up with demand.

We are working in the face of a perfect storm of factors - including a crisis of social care, political instability, the effects of fiscal austerity and new issues brought about by digital acceleration - which make our work increasingly complex and lead more and more children and young people to need the help we provide.

Taking a holistic approach to transforming young lives, we work in different ways towards a common goal:

  1. Fight for progress – we fight for rights, stand up to power and protect young people by bringing about systemic change

  2. Advocates – a holistic model to provide support for young people through difficult times

  3. Empowerment – we get behind young people, and those that support them, to ensure their rights are heard and upheld

Children and young people are our most valuable and precious asset. We are required to protect and provide for them, prevent them from harm and seek their participation in decisions about them. It is not a choice. It is our responsibility under the UN Convention on the rights of the child. 

Stand with us and help us fight for the rights of thousands of young people. Together we are stronger.

Enver Solomon, CEO, Just for Kids Law

Every year we directly support hundreds of children and young people and fight for changes that impact young lives across the UK.

  • We promote diversity, equality, opportunity and social justice
  • We directly impact the lives of thousands of young people, and repeatedly achieve systemic change
  • We receive high profile media attention and accolades for our work
    BBC"No parent would expect their 14 or 15-year-old, or even their 16 or 17-year-old, to be living away from home independently and having to support themselves and fend for themselves."
    BBC Online, 13 March 2019

    "The UK government is facing a court challenge over its use of children as spies in criminal investigations, as lawyers for a children's charity accused it of causing minors 'severe physical and emotional harm.'"
    CNN, 11 June 2019

    The Times"There is now an overwhelming view shared by the higher courts and MPs that the government should act immediately to ensure no child who is given a caution ends up with a criminal record that stigmatises them for life."
    The Times, 31 January 2019
  • We are the only organisation doing this work in the UK

We rely on the support of corporate partners to work towards our vision of a UK where all children and young people have their legal rights and entitlements respected and promoted, and their voices heard and valued. Together, we can...

... Deliver campaigns and youth-led programmes that:

  • Protect the right to an education

  • Campaign for appropriate housing for children

  • Fight for the rights of young migrants

... Reach more children and young people by:

  • Taking our proven casework model across England with new city hubs
  • Expanding the reach of our youth advice line nationwide
  • Increasing our capacity to reach more people, strengthening vital support

If you think your business could support us, please e-mail us to find out more - or to support as an individual make a donation today.