My Working Week: Youth Advocacy

Just for Kids Law Youth Advocate Justin Johnson speaks to the Guardian about his working week.
17 Jan 2020

Advocacy often leaves me feeling dispirited. Fighting for resources that don’t exist in the quantity needed is exhausting. It can often feel hopeless, as though I’m transporting young people from one crisis into another within a system that is seemingly imploding. But I’ve also seen what happens when the work continues in spite of all these difficulties. For those who give support and for those who receive it, I’ve seen the smallest respite from chaotic situations reveal aspects of creativity, aspiration and aptitude that surprise even the young people themselves. 

Justin Johnson, Just for Kids Law Youth Advocate

This week one of our youth advocates, Justin Johnson, has contributed to the Guardian's series on what a working week looks like in public services. Our youth advocates fight tirelessly to ensure that young people's voices are heard and their rights are respected and promoted and Justin's piece puts a spotlight on just a few of the many challenges that they face.

Read about Justin's working week here.