"The Tories want you to think their new Data Protection Bill is empowering – but its ‘immigration exemption’ will make life hell for people like me"

Read the article in the Independent by Chrisann Jarrett 8 May 2018.

"I grew up here, but Britain is doing all it can to stop me becoming a citizen"

Read Chrisann's article in the Guardian 4 May 2018.

"Commonwealth youth forced to pay thousands or risk 'illegal' status"

Read the article in the Guardian of 18 April 2018 which features interviews with Let Us Learn, a campaign group which is part of Just for Kids Law. Let Us Learn staged a demonstration outside Parliament on 18 April 2018 in solidarity with the Windrush migrants, and to highlight how lawful young migrants are also under threat from the government's 'hostile environment' because of rocketing Home Office fees. See the press release here.

"It’s not just the Windrush generation terrorised by Theresa May’s ‘Go Home’ climate"

Read the Daily Mirror article 19 April 2018.

There is a round-up of updated media stories on the Let Us Learn campaign website: http://letuslearn.study/news/. In addition to the above, in the past week members of the Let Us Learn campaign have been featured on Channel 5 news, BBC Radio 4 Today programme, Radio 4's Moneybox Live, LBC radio and Radio 5 Live.