We are thrilled that the Let Us Learn campaign has just won the Amplifying Voices award at the SMK Awards. Here is founder Chrisann Jarrett on the awards and the night in question:

Wednesday 21st March 2018 will be a day to remember in the Let Us Learn calendar. We have officially won the ‘Amplifying Voices’ award at the Sheila McKechnie Foundation National Campaigners Awards 2018.
Since 2014, we have been working had to ensure equal access to higher education. For us all, this campaign is personal, it is linked to our very own hopes and dreams as well as aspirations for our siblings.
I was joined by three fellow campaigners and core group members. We shared the stage and beamed with happiness. We've recognised that we have come a long way from having three anxious young people in a room to 2015 where we stood outside the Supreme Court celebrating the judgment in R v Tigere changing SFE policy; to 2017 when our ‘Young Gifted and Blocked’ campaign led to over 16 universities changing their scholarships criteria.
Campaigning and organising for many of us has become a way of life. In my acceptance speech I noted that there are two important ingredients for successful social movements. The first is PURPOSE, which is the determination to move towards a united goal. The second is PEOPLE, being surrounded by passionate likeminded individuals is what provides the foundation that keeps us going at difficult times when change seems distant. PURPOSE AND PEOPLE!
Let Us Learn has provided a platform for many young migrants to voice their opinion, emotions and tactics for change. Receiving the Amplifying Voices Award shows us that we are doing something right; it’s amazing to be recognised amongst other campaigners. We will continue to do the work we do, to ensure that there is a strong counter narrative to the voices of hate and discrimination and to ensure that all migrants can fully contribute to British society.

Zino Akaka: ‘It’s an honour to be recognised by our peers and we aim to continue to live up to this award and more’
Ijeoma Moore: ‘Last night left me feeling ecstatic and excited about the future of LET US LEARN! I am immensely proud to be a part of such a powerful campaign group.’
Lizzie Etti: ‘ I felt proud. For people to hear about the work that we do and be so inspired by us is really fulfilling. We won’t stop here!’