Award-winning children’s charity Just for Kids Law to work with schools nationwide on Global Dignity Day to teach young people about respect for themselves and others.

This year’s event sees focus on the way children use social media.

School children across England will be joining with pupils in 68 other countries to mark Global Dignity Day on 15 October 2014.

The aim of the day is to encourage children to behave and treat others with dignity, using a range of led activities and discussions, as well as talks from inspirational speakers.

Global Dignity Day was launched internationally in 2006 and Just for Kids Law first brought it to this country in 2012.

Participants in 2014 will range from primary school children, to secondary schools, to students at a post-graduate college.

This year sees particular emphasis on behaviour on social media. A powerful two-minute video, ‘Less. More’, shows examples of aggressive online behaviour, and encourages young people to share more acts of dignity, using the hashtag #dignity

Just for Kids Law director Shauneen Lambe says:

‘At Just for Kids Law, we so often come across young people who have had their dignity taken from them, who have been repeatedly failed by those who should be protecting them. Many lose their self-respect and respect for others, as a result. Global Dignity Day is a way of inspiring children to recognise the importance of their own self-worth and that of other people.’

Global Dignity Day is supported by the charities Right to Play and Birthrights