Our plan

Our three year strategic plan sets out a clear direction of travel for Just for Kids Law.

In June 2018, we conducted a strategic review of our work and priorities going forward. The result is a strategic plan that provides a clear framework to ensure our growth and development over the next three years is geared towards providing the best possible value for children and young people in line with our charitable objectives.

Our strategic aims

From understanding our vision and mission, reviewing the environment in which we work and our core strengths, we have developed four strategic aims:

  1. Secure outcomes for individual children and young people
  2. Secure changes to the legal, policy and practice environment for children and young people
  3. Maintain and develop a robust organisation using our strengths to maximum impact
  4. Develop an organisation in which participation is central to all our activities

These four aims are equally important and over the next three years they will be given the same prioritisation. However, we recognise that both maintaining and developing a robust organisation and developing an organisation in which participation is central underpins all our work.

Putting it into practice

As part of the new strategy in 2019 we plan to take forward a number of changes...

  • We will develop new youth engagement and participation projects with the young people we work with and aim to provide more opportunities to our Youth Ambassadors group.
  • We will take the learning from the evaluation of the Advocacy Year programme as it comes to the end of its three year funding to develop our direct casework model with young people.
  • We will expand our work on school exclusions piloting a legal clinic and developing a new project to improve the quality of advice and support for children and young people.
  • We will do more campaigning work to highlight the lack of social care and housing support forolder teenagers and young people.
  • We will support the young activists from our Let us Learn project to establish an independent migrant-led charity called We Belong.
  • We will develop and implement new outcome indicators that demonstrate the real differences we make to the young people we support and review our annual client survey.
  • We will carry out a salary review and further review our HR policies to ensure we are investing in our staff team